Creating Boundaries and Design Sections to Your Landscape

Landscaping provides numerous benefits to one’s yard and the lives of those living with it. Not only does it enhance the appearance and value of the home, it also makes entertaining much easier. Utilizing landscape design sections keeps the process simple and creative. These designs can be easily accomplished with Sunflower Landscapes operating as reliable […]

Go From Plain to Creative with Outdoor Landscape Designing

Many Colorado homeowners look out their windows and sigh at the sight of a plain, boring yard. Custom landscape designers can alleviate such eyesores by working with homeowners to achieve the landscaping of their dreams. The customers of Sunflower Landscapes can enjoy a creative outdoor living space that’s affordable, attractive and fun all year long. […]

Outdoor Kitchens and Party Spaces

Spring is just around the corner, and with it comes warm weather that’s perfect for outdoor dining and entertaining. With a little help from Colorado custom landscape designers, any yard or patio can be turned into an outdoor party space that families, friends and neighbors will love to spend time in.   Get Cooking No […]

Start Planning Your Spring 2014 Landscape Projects Now

Every homeowner knows that landscaping is an integral part of a home’s appearance and overall value. Curb appeal is a prime selling feature of homes that may go on the market. Likewise, a home’s landscape is the first sight others see. The proper landscaping can make any home look stunning and more livable. The lack […]

Don’t Get Winter Landscaping Blues: Plan Ahead

Once the first days of cold weather hit, homeowners normally dismiss any thoughts of winter landscape planning until spring returns. However, winter is the best time to start planning any sort of landscape remodel. Professional landscape designers like the experts at Sunflower Landscapes can draw a plan of the new design, price materials and labor, […]

Winter Watering

When the lawn, trees, shrubs and decorative plants turn brown during the winter months, the drab appearance of a landscape can cause a homeowner to lose motivation when it comes to watering and upkeep. However, watering your landscape during the winter can positively affect the return of vibrant greenery in the warmer months. Because winter […]

Sod, Rock and Mulch Embellishments

When landscaping a property, the low-maintenance ease of sod, rock and mulch cannot be underestimated. Not only do these options add visual interest and keep weeds at bay, they also can assist with drainage. Outdoor living experts often use these materials in landscape design to reap all of these benefits and more.   Applications for […]

Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado, ALCC

As a professional landscape contractor engaged in best practices in the industry, Sunflower Landscapes has membership in the Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado. The Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado has been a trade organization for over 50 years and has been a leader in ensuring the longevity of the landscape in Colorado. Only landscape contractors […]

Low Maintenance Landscape Designs

One of the major lifestyle trends of modern times is low-maintenance landscape designs. Today’s homeowners don’t want to spend the majority of their weekends babying an emerald green expanse of lawn they’re afraid to even play touch football on, and many others are tired of soaring water bills due to fussy ornamental shrubs and herbaceous […]

Backyard Retreats

With all of the busyness in our rushed, modern lifestyle, a backyard retreat can be a soothing place to recover. The styles, choices and moods that can be created in an outdoor living environment are nearly endless. Families with small children can consider creating backyard landscaping in two distinct styles that can meet differing needs. […]