3 Ways To Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal This Weekend

A house with a stone wall and a stone staircase is surrounded by a beautiful landscape

Renew your look It’s kind of overwhelming, isn’t it? You hear how curb appeal improves the look of your home to your visitors and your neighbors, but it isn’t always easy knowing what improvements you should make first. You know there’s something you could do to make your home look more appealing, but you’re not […]

What’s Your Backyard Style? How To Create Your Perfect Outdoor Haven

a fire pit in front of a house

When it comes to your home, you’ve got a style all your own. Shouldn’t your outdoor space reflect that? We sure think so! All of us lean toward different styles in our living spaces. Your outdoor area is no exception. It’s simply an extension of your home. And let’s be honest – after these cold […]

Transform Your Backyard into a Welcoming Oasis

a house with a stone wall and trees

Imagine: Backyard gatherings, walks among the flowers and nights on the deck. Alongside friends and family members, everyone feels the warm sun on their faces and drinks fresh lemonade from ice-cold glasses. The stunning outdoor nights leave every guest happy and content as they enjoy another evening together in this lovely place. This is what […]

Colorado Residential Landscaping – Add Curb Appeal to Your Home

a house with trees and driveway in front of it

Most people have heard various expressions that describe the tremendous impact of a first impression. The same concept applies to houses. Every visitor and even passersby of a house quickly forms an opinion based on the home’s exterior. Based on the condition and layout of the landscape, people quickly determine what they think of the […]

Colorado Soil and Landscaping: What You Need to Know

Colorado has a rich and colorful geography, as most of the Southern Rocky Mountains are located within the state. In addition, the western edge of the Great Plains and the northeastern portion of the Colorado plateau are also in the state named for the Colorado River. Colorado means “ruddy” in Spanish, and the early explorers […]

The Key to Sustainable Landscaping

a house with a stone wall and a stone walkway

As the word suggests, sustainable landscaping should be easy to sustain or maintain, compliment the environment by including plants native to the region, incorporate renewable materials and if possible, improve the health and energy usage in the surrounding area. Experts in the field often cite reasons such as global climate change, water shortages and drought, […]

Professional Tips to Maintaining Your Landscape Design

a house with a stone patio and a stone walkway

A homeowner recently hired Dustin and Sheldon from Sunflower Landscapes to design their landscape, and they can’t believe how beautiful it looks. But even as they enjoy their new patio and look around at the plantings and hardscaping, they wonder how to keep all of this looking its best through the years. Fortunately, a few […]

Colorado Weather is Warming Up! Landscape Season is Upon Us!

a house with a green lawn and a walkway

It’s finally great to know that winter is officially over. This past season was particularly brutal, and it featured cold temperatures, tons of snow and plenty of grumpiness from local residents. Fortunately, that’s all in the past. Now that spring and summertime are finally on approach, people can start thinking about activities like landscaping. Colorado […]