Sticking to Your Landscape Budget – Tips from the Professionals

Landscaping a home or a business can be an exhilarating experience. However, budgeting a landscape design can be tricky. Here are some tips to consider when looking to keep a landscape project within budget.   Have an Idea One of the hardest parts of landscaping is that people do not know what they want before […]

Decorating Your Custom Landscape Design for the Holidays

Sunflower Landscapes‘ custom landscape designs are versatile, which makes them very easy to decorate for the holiday season. When it comes to having an existing custom landscape design, holiday decoration themes exist for virtually every landscape layout.   Add Flair to Retaining Walls Retaining walls can make the perfect backdrop for hanging lights or two-dimensional […]

Winter Watering

When the lawn, trees, shrubs and decorative plants turn brown during the winter months, the drab appearance of a landscape can cause a homeowner to lose motivation when it comes to watering and upkeep. However, watering your landscape during the winter can positively affect the return of vibrant greenery in the warmer months. Because winter […]

Staying Within a Landscaping Budget

Many homeowners want to add beauty and value to their homes with custom landscape designs. These days, almost everyone has a budget of which they need to be mindful. A great choice is Sunflower Landscapes, the experienced landscape contractor that is creating satisfied customers with their spectacular, yet wallet-friendly work. Prioritizing NeedsEvery great landscaping makeover […]

How Custom Landscapers Draft Up Their Designs

Customizing a landscape can be very difficult and intricate work. If a landscaper is good at what he does, he will take the extra time and effort to properly plan out a custom landscape design for his clients. Paying attention to detail and making sure all the client’s wishes are honored are the main focuses […]

What Questions to Ask When Hiring a Landscaper

Many homeowners want to have custom landscaping done around their homes so that their homes look their best. Hiring a landscaper is crucial to ensuring that the work is done efficiently and correctly. An interview should be conducted with each prospective custom landscaping company to gauge how well they can perform the assigned tasks. Here […]

About Colorado Springs Mandatory Water Restrictions Effective April 1, 2013

Colorado Springs and Colorado in general have been hit hard by drought these past few years. Water supplies have fallen far below normal and are currently less than 50%. For that reason, the Colorado Springs City Council approved moving to the Stage II provision (Warning Phase) of the Water Shortage Ordinance. Colorado Springs Utilities (CSU) has proactively […]

5 Other FAQ’s

Finally, the last third of our FAQ section will hopefully provide all the answers to those lingering questions.   How often should I water? Water restrictions do apply in certain parts of each county. It is important to keep any new landscape material such as plants, trees, and sod moist for 2-4 weeks after initial […]

5 FAQ’s

Here at Sunflower Landscapes, we are constantly trying to help our current or future Sunflower Landscapes, clients with any questions they may have about our services or landscaping in general. Below is the beginning of a list of questions and answers we have received in the past from our customers or currently are getting. This is information […]